About The Conference

Do you want to improve your business? Does the Business Culture in your company enables the best organization and implementation of the management system? Do employees continuously work on their development, so is it systematically recognized and supported? Are you guiding the process towards achieving strategic goals and meeting customer needs / demands / expectations? Do you use the Information to make decisions and improvements?

Whether your company has a highly developed culture of Business Excellence and Continuous Improvement, weather your processes function only "well" or you have a phenomenal process management system - there is always an opportunity to go a step further and improve culture, apply models, techniques and tools that could improve existing situation and bring new changes. Often some small, meaningful process changes can make more efficient delivery of values and start other steps towards same direction.

The Quality as Concept Conference is the result of a dedicated team of people who truly believe and live a story of Quality, Continuous Improvement and Business Excellence. Who have been there and still want to improve. Of people who became aware and realized, through their practice and experience that this is the direction to go - towards sustainable development. A set of people looking at the same vision, with different experiences. A set of "geeks and nerds" - because they want to share their knowledge, and are even more eager to Learn!


The Quality as Concept conference, followed by the slogan "We Talk Continuous Improvement" and full working title "Quality of products, processes and systems in practice" was first held in 2018. The Purpose of the conference is to build and expand the community; exchange of experiences - both positive practices and attempts that did not give the desired result; exchange of ideas and contacts: to make participants transfer and exchange specific experiences on the development and application of culture, models, techniques and management tools in organizations based on the process approach, whose use in daily business gives concrete results in the form of improved system, process, product / service, satisfaction of users, partners and employees - overall more efficient and effective delivery of value. In other words, the conference presents examples of the development of organizations based on competencies, which use science and knowledge for more efficient and effective management, based on data and information.


The conference organizer is Portal of Quality (Portal Kvalitet) - a business web portal that brings together experts and enthusiasts from various areas of management system. Here's how they describe this project:
"The model applied to the Portal of Quality was copied to the Quality as a Concept movement: an independent gathering of the profession that develops and applies elements of culture, techniques, tools and models that contribute to continuous improvement. Continuous improvement contributes to quality as a concept, as a higher category: quality at the level of organization and system, quality at the process level, quality at the level of the product / service.

As organizers, we do not conduct trainings, we do not sell consulting services, we do not chase points by publishing papers on SCI lists. We simply want to bring together people dedicated to developing and improving systems, people that deal with quality in the widest sense, who are doing something really worthwhile. We promote such people and results of their work, because we want to expand and network this kind of culture.

This movement is a kind of "Think Thank" where there will always be a place to meet professionals who are doing their job with pleasure and constantly striving for something more."


Speakers at the conference are experts with extensive experience in manufacturing and service-oriented companies, in different areas of the organization and various industries. They will, based on many years of practice, present some of the standardized and original / customized systems, techniques, tools and models of management that function in their organizations, as well as the results of using them. They will also share the story of how it has contributed to the quality of the organization and the system, the quality of delivering value to customers and end-users, the quality of processes and products / services, as well as the satisfaction of all participants in the process.

To see the list of themes and biography of speakers for 2019, click here.

Date and place of the second #QasConcept conference is Friday, October 4th, 2019 – Hotel Tulip Inn, Belgrade. 



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