Young Engineers

At the Conference, works and achievements of students and faculty professors from five faculties related to studies on quality tools/process optimization/constant system advancement, will be presented on five separate stands.

At each stand the three best students of the final year will present their works so far, their academic successes, and show how all that can be used in practice. This will be great opportunity for the engineers to be/leaders, who have the basic knowledge of business tools to meet with potential customers and to create solid pro-active start-up foundation for implementation of their knowledge.


Faculty studies that have seen the “Quality as concept” conference, as a good opportunity for linking science and practical work are:

Faculty of engineering science (ex Mechanical Faculty), Kragujevac - Center for Quality

Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad – Department for Industrial Engineering And Management – Branch for quality, efficiency and logistics

Faculty for Organizational Science, Belgrade – Branch For Quality Management and Standardization

Mechanical Faculty, Belgrade – Branch for Industrial Engineering

Agricultural Faculty, Belgrade – Branch for Safety and Food Quality Management


Students who will take part in the event and represent their respective branches, will have the opportunity to meet the experts from the field of quality, and to learn from major companies many practical things, which will enrich their knowledge. On the other hand, companies that will take part in the work of the conference, will be able to establish contacts with the most prosperous students that will become business entreprneurs and could even “recruit” them for jobs in their respective companies at this point.