We Talk Continuous Business Improvement

About The Conference

Do you want to improve your business? Does the Business Culture in your company enables the best organization and implementation of the management system? Do employees continuously work on their development, so is it systematically recognized and supported? Are you guiding the process towards achieving strategic goals and meeting customer needs / demands / expectations? Do you use the Information to make decisions and improvements?

Whether your company has a highly developed culture of Business Excellence and Continuous Improvement, weather your processes function only "well" or you have a phenomenal process management system - there is always an opportunity to go a step further and improve culture, apply models, techniques and tools that could improve existing situation and bring new changes. Often some small, meaningful process changes can make more efficient delivery of values and start other steps towards same direction.

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Karyn Ross

karyn ross

the toyota way to service excellence

The Future is Not What We Already Know: How to use Creativity and Lean to Create the Services of the Future!


Miroslav Jovanovic

miroslav jovanović

zoppas industries

KANBAN - a misapplication of a tool on an example of a manufacturing industry


Vladimir Rasovic

vladimir rašović

lessons learned

"Lessons Learned" as an continuous improvement tool – an example of good practice


Matej Hohnjec

matej hohnjec


Using I-TRIZ as a tool for inovation


Aleksandar Drenovac

aleksandar drenovac

E2 Element

Continuous Improvement path to the company's Business Excellence model: A systematic approach to System and Business Improvement


Vladimir Martinenko

vladimir martinenko

Henkel logo

Improvement of 5S Audit procedure by solution with Sharepoint


Dejan Josić

dejan josić


One2Improve app - Continuous Improvement tools through Digitalization & Change Management


Emmanuel Calvez

emmanuel calvez

MTM turkey

MTM as a tool for determining time and therefore success


Milos Dejanovic

miloš dejanović


Benefits of MTM project implementation in Wacker Neuson Group through practical example



Support means A LOT to us! And this conference is supported by many :) Take a look with whom we have established a partnership relations so far.

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Participants at the Conference will get:

-Participation at the sessions of the conference
-Interaction with speakers, exerts and other participants
E-mail address as contact of all participants (who approve of it)
-Lunch and coffee breaks
-Presentation of speakers after the conference
-Follow-up printed material

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Young Engineers

At the Conference, works and achievements of students and faculty professors from five faculties related to studies on quality tools/process optimization/constant system advancement, will be presented on five separate stands.

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Organizations with whom we have established successful cooperation so far:

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