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The Future is Not What We Already Know: How to use Creativity and Lean to Create the Services of the Future


karyn ross

the toyota way to service excellence


Karyn is an Author, Speaker, Consultant & Coach from Illinois, USA.

As the author of How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence: A Lean Coaching Workbook, and coauthor of the Shingo Award-winning The Toyota Way to Service Excellence, Karyn helps organizations flourish, thrive and grow, now and for the long-term.


Nothing can describe person better than people one collaborate with. Here are some testimonials of Karyn’s work:

Karyn Ross is a lean practitioner, educator and coach with a passion for making the world a better place. She has outstanding lean expertise and an unique ability to turn lean thinking into delivering business results. With a focus on the service sector, Karyn applies Lean / Toyota Production System principles to help organizations deliver value to their customers.

from Leslie Henckler, 

Director, Business Process Efficiency and Effectiveness at TriNet


Few people get the opportunity to work with someone who not only understands lean but practices it too – correctly. Often, individuals get all wadded up on a particular tool or concept and lose track of the bigger picture. Not Karyn. I have worked with Karyn for a couple of years and have partnered with her on an approach to making lean practical, applicable and fun. She knows many of the lean thought leaders personally while also being able to understand individual situational needs of the people she works with. None of the standard formulaic methods that you get from most consultants. Rather, Karyn creates tailored programs that use classic lean concepts, embedded in The Toyota Way, that focus on identifying and meeting the needs of the customer while focusing on continuous improvement. She understands the theory and application while also knowing that there is no substitute for Going and Seeing at the Gemba. Karyn is a true pleasure to work with and can help most journeyers progress along their path towards True North. Oh, and she is wicked artist!

from Dennis Gawlik

Service Operations Executive | Lean | Continuous Improvement




Every conversation with Karyn about Toyota, process improvement, and organizational change was like a "breath of fresh air"! It is so easy to get mired in the minutiae of process improvement and the pressure to get results, and lose sight of the core of the Toyota Way: Respecting and Developing People! Karyn is a prophetic voice in this this field, to both stay true to the principles of The Toyota Way, but also continually focus on the humanity and inherent need for the human soul to embrace creativity and passion in their everyday work! Karyn is amazing at pulling us "out of the weeds" and remembering what is important and critical to true lasting organizational change, which so many organizations lose sight of. If your organization is just beginning its Lean journey, or is struggling to continue its efforts or get to the next level, reach out to Karyn and have her help breath a "breath of fresh air" into your organization's efforts!

from  Brock Husby M.S.E. Ph.D. P.E.

Senior Director / Lean IT & Software Development Coach at The Standard



At the Conference, Karyn will present a theme:

The Future is Not What We Already Know: How to use Creativity and Lean to Create the Services of the Future 



Not everyday happens that an author of books like The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations comes to Belgrade, Serbia.