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emmanuel calvez

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To use #MTM and #Lean together, along the value-added chain, means to make the optimum use of both the synchronization of the value stream and methods design, in order to ensure low-waste flow coupled with efficient work methods!

MTM supports and ensure the sustainable development performance during the entire value-added chain of a company and runs in three phases within the productivity management of work systems, with the #ProductDevelopment, #ProcessDevelopment, and #Production and #Improvement.

MTM Turkey, is part of IMD (International MTM Directorate) founded in 1957 by International MTM community. Among his main duties are; To carry out basic and applied research in the field of MTM and to support the activities carried out, to support the widespread application of the MTM method, to implement it in an appropriate and proper way in practice, to keep the MTM education standardized to a same level all over the world for our multinational customers.







• Board Member of International MTM Directorate - IMD - MTM International Instructor.
• Founder and Owner of MTM Total Productivity Training and Consultancy.
• MTM Turkey Association Founder and actual President.

Emmanuel Calvez is a graduate of the University of Plymouth (UK) with a degree of BEng (Hons) in Advanced Composite Engineering, and Industrial Maintenance (FR). While he initially worked as an Industrial Engineer in the Electrical assemble manufacturing, his tenure to the MTM philosophy and technics has seen his involvements in a wide range of manufacturing and services activities.

With over 20 years of experience in industrial engineering, electrical sector, production lines automation and digital factory infrastructures, he shares his knowledge and experience with industry, specialized in #productivity / #improvements, #ERP systems and from #workingConditionsImprovements during his 15 years in multinational company.

During the past 6 years as an international MTM Trainer and consultant he is experienced in several Industrial Engineering fields: Early stage of design product and process, Network redesign, Production and Procurement Planning and control, New Products Introduction planning, Applied Ergonomics, Industry 4.0, in various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, chemicals, home appliances, health, luxury and services.


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