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One2Improve app - Continuous Improvement tools through Digitalization & Change Management


dejan josić



Can problem-solving tools be applied to involve 100% of the organization's employees and make their implementation really simple and effective? Can #digitalization help us along the way, and how wide can its implementation be? How can an organization carry out such a #quality change in practice, and that the use of new technology becommes recognized and accepted as a true #AddedValue.


During this presentation you will be able to familiarize yourself with the digital solution used today by Heineken as #ContinuousImprovementTool, as well as the use of the #ChangeManagement approach in implementation of this tool.





Dejan Josić got his 10 years of experience in Supply Chain at companies like Tarkett and Heineken - from trainee positions to current position of Production Manager

He has more than enough curiosity for new things / for developement&growth and positive energy that supports the implementation of every detail of his business actions. And the people around him feel that.


If you ask him why he choose #SupplyChain, he'll say: "Because it gives you the opportunity to get to know the whole business model of an organization, the opportunity to be part of a chain that represents the "backbone" of the organization, and therefore be in touch with great opportunities all around for constant developing of competencies and knowledge. But above all, what I love about the Supply Chain is this need for continuous improvement! And that's where the early development of consciousness on importance of #ContinuousImprovementManagement in every organization comes from."


From the very beginning of his professional career, he was involved in the development of organizations through methodologies such as #WCM and #TPM. He saw the strategic importance in their practical implementation, ranging from customer service and production planning, procurement, distribution, through logistics and manufacturing, to strategic planning, as well as interconnections with all related services.


"What motivates me to work on my development every day and participate in the development of The Team is that there are no end to going forward. You are not and cannot be alone on this path; you do not accept the status quo and you learn from the environment. Challenges that are an integral part of every day, can be turned into benefits by using the right tools, but what can ensure success and raise #ProcessQuality in a sustainable way is #PeopleDevelopment, #Teamwork and #QualityOfCommunication."

Of course, precondition for such an environment is strong leadership.


Dejan's fields of interest, which are the focus of every day, are:

- Human development
- Shopfloor excellence
- E2E approach
- Situational leadership
- Autonomous maintenance
- Digitization
- Agile
- Continuous improvement methodologies


Dejan's motto is: "If we don't change, we don't grow"


Come to feel the Energy of one real Leader!