Miroslav Jovanovic

KANBAN - a misapplication of a tool on an example of a manufacturing industry


miroslav jovanović

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This is a story about the misapplication of KANBAN as a tool on the example of a manufacturing company. You will see firsthand what problems good tools and models can bring if the process or the tool itself is not sufficiently familiar.

The example will show and clarify in detail:

  • tool description,
  • process description,
  • a description of the problem that caused KANBAN to be used,
  • results and quantification of bad impacts due to incorrect use of tools,
  • lesson learned: what approach has been taken to produce the expected results and remedy the problem, with a conclusion.

Negative experiences are increasingly appreciated in the whole world - one have to admit that it is much cheaper to hear someone else story of "doing it wrong", than to make the same mistake in its own business. Have you heard of the global “Fuckup Night” movement - events scheduled in all parts of the world where speakers explain their business and professional projects that have not gone well? This is one such, Extraordinary Example, and take our word for it - it is precious!






Miroslav Jovanovic is a Production manager and Lean Expert with more than 10 years’ experience.

He started a long way towards business excellence, and in a meantime he became:

  • Value stream map expert
  • Highly experienced in LEAN tools like Value stream map, Standardize work, Material flow, Problem solving, Total productive maintenance, Setup reduction, Six sigma, KANBAN, HEIJUNKA, 5S
  • Team leader on more than 100 Kaizen events with focus on improvements in production, logistics and administrative processes
  • Experienced in Projects and Teams Management
  • Experienced as a Facilitator, leading workshops and enabling teams and individuals to recognize areas for improvement, as well as to get to the first action plans,
  • Manager of productions with hundreds of employees
  • Experienced in establishing and improving of Key Performing indicators (KPIs)
  • Strong with problem solving ability’s - leading A3 and 8D reports, using different root cause analytic tools as 5Ws, ISHIKAWA, 5W2H, Pareto diagrams, Cause and Effect matrix...


Miroslav is a manager who is not afraid to say “we made mistakes”. But, also, he is the one that makes whole organization grow by overcoming mistakes.