Aleksandar Drenovac

Continuous Improvement path to the company's Business Excellence model: A systematic approach to System and Business Improvement


aleksandar drenovac

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#ContinuousImprovement is always much more than just applying techniques and tools. In fact, it is a key element of company culture, which contributes to the improvement of organization, system, results. For the company it represents a strategic turn and strategic commitment, which changes the DNA of the company and creates preconditions for continuous improvement of the organization, systems, processes, employees and business results. The grounds of Continuous Improvement are culture and leadership, which, with adequate communication, drive change and make the system of continuous improvement sustainable. Through the system approach and the Hoshin Kanri concept, advancements in companies become part of the company's development portfolio and support the company's strategic goals.

The road to Business Excellence leads precisely through (self)assessment of the level of development, defining development fields, actions and improvement projects, as well as retrospectives and learning from realized activities.

Drenovac’s DIDAW management and improvement concept includes all of that - it promotes an agile approach to data driven management through actions and continuous improvement.  




For over 13 years, Aleksandar Drenovac has been active in establishing systems and improving organization, systems, performance and teams, as well as the digital transformation of companies. During this time he became one of the more prominent members of the "Continuous Improvement Community", who went very widely in personal development, theory of management, and the application of acquired knowledge.

In addition to his direct experience in the military, telecommunications, IT and digital banking sectors, he has significant consulting and coaching experience in companies from industries such as: automotive, wood processing, energy, pharmacy, food and beverage, metal, chemical. Delivers leadership, managerial, engineering and economic competencies gained through the positions of Maintenance Manager, Training Manager, Quality Manager, Project Manager, Process Expert, Operations Manager, Executive Director of Operations. He combines engineering and economic education. He applies an approach to improvements based on human potentials and real time dataPassionately works to develop organizations, teams and individuals; and with the same passion does statistical analysis and data based management.

He applies #Kaizen, #Lean, #SixSigma, #ChangeManagement and #DigitalTransformation concepts, and is the author of the #DIDAW – an Management and Improvement Concept.

His work has become more and more recognizable to the general public - over time he becomes a gladly-seen speaker at various management conferences, and through his media presence he becomes a spokesman – an advocate for the proper, scientifically based, systemic development of organizations, or in other words a culture of Continuous Improvement.


Come to find out, in one presentation, how to best apply complete management science, in order to trace your own path to the #BusinessExcellence model of organization!