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Improvement of 5S Audit procedure by solution with Sharepoint


vladimir martinenko

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#5S is one of the basic principles of #LeanCulture, and in order to improve it in an organization, both internal knowledge of the system and its capabilities, as well as creative energy directed towards improvement is needed! At Henkel, there was an initiative from a operation floor to digitalize one part of internal business: #Audit process and it's reporting.

The aim was to automatically monitor and evaluate all audit finding: instead of old practice with Excel & paper, a totally new way of Audit has been created – by using of Sharepoint.

Audit is being done with mobile device (phone/tablet) during #Gemba. #ImprovementActions, based on Audit, derived from Gemba, are being created on PC: system is very easy to install to existing surroundings, easy to run and is fully transparent.

Main consequence of new way of Audit is improved situation in plants regarding 5S implementation and sustainability. Also, now all Audit findings, in different production sites and locations can be monitored in one place & compared, in order to get the #BestPractice and #LessonsLearned from it.






Vladimir Martinenko is someone who has been in the heart of operations for over 20 years, where he has always been on fire - from Technical to Regional Lean Manager. That's why he was a first pick for a #QasConcept2019 Conference #Moderator!

His current position is "Regional Lean-HPS Manager" what means that he is the one in charge of spreading a #ContinuousImprovementCulture throughout one big part of HPS or #HenkelProductionSystem. He travels the world, puts out a fire where needed, and teaches, through customized workshops, e.g. application of Lean principles in pre-planning of large scale projects.

Cause we all how Lean thinking can contribute to one's budgets review :)

HPS stands for "Henkel Production System" - a knowledge gathered inside Henkel operations that describes from Standardized work to rules like Lean audit of project more than X US dollars.

Vladimir is in charge of monitoring the operations of the whole of Russia, South Balkan (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and CAC region (Kazakhstan and Georgia), with responsibilities like:

- Deployment of Top Management Lean-HPS strategy of AO Europe, Creating and tracking of roadmaps in order to reach #KPI targets
- #Teaching local staff in plants about Henkel Production System
- Organizing and executing #LeanWorkshops as support to plants in reaching their targets regarding #productivityIncrease, #logisticsImprovements, #costSaving projects, #wasteReduction
- Preparing #LeanReviews of all significant investment projects
- Creating and executing regular "Cluster calls" (among plants with same/similar technology), with main aim of #BestPractice Sharing
- Organizing and executing #A3 trainings for Adhesives Operations Europe, etc.

He is also an #MTM (Method Time Measurement) practitioner, and will contribute with Henkel's insight to the MTM Session at the Conference.


Sometimes even just 30 minutes of someone with so much practice behind them seems priceless :)