Milos Dejanovic

Benefits of MTM project implementation in Wacker Neuson Group through practical example


miloš dejanović



Each time some new project is starting, successful managing of a project depends very much from audience that is more or less involved in it. Likewise, each audience will sense scale through relatable size, known distance, a familiar segment of time or rate of speed.

When audience understands the scale of your numbers, they’ll better understand the scale of what you’re recommending and they will feel inspired to act and be more like to go on-board and help you successfully achieve the goal of the project.

#MTM provides it – easy understandable and reliable data to all audience, transparency, standardize work, information for optimization potential (If – Then), which goes beyond the pure time data, and the associated evidence of the monetary usefulness of using MTM.

Through example of practical implementation of MTM in Wacker Neuson Group we will see all of this and all benefits we have - motivated worker, controlled work load (reasonable and not exhausting), clear tasks and deep involvement of all audience which will help us continuously improve our production processes. Most important, it will give us strong background reliable information that necessary for #futureProcessDevelopment.







Milos Dejanovic has 9 years of experience in field of #IndustrialEngineering and #LeanEngineering, as well as in #ProjectManagement area, with current position of #MTM Project manager in Wacker Neuson PSK (Kragujevac, Serbia). 

A view from a third person can tell a lot about somebody. Here'e how they describe Milos: “Walks the talk, acts in reliable way, find ways to streamline work processes, looks beyond symptoms to uncover root cause and solve problem

During 6.5 years work for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Serbia, mainly as Industrial Engineer, he have followed, practiced and “lived” WCM concept as constant member of Focused Improvement (FI) and Cost Deployment (CD) pillar. He was Workplace organization (WO) Sub pillar (assembly shop) leader – group coordination for WO activities, leading the various projects and workshops in FCA Group. Did training organization for “blue collars” (mainly direct operators) for WCM WO pillar in assembly shop.

From November 2015 till May 2016 he was support following implementation of MTM in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Plant in Cassino Plant, Italy

From June 2016 – December 2016 he has led, introduced and manage implementation of MTM project in Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) Industrial S.P.A.

Very comfortable using, strong understanding and highly skilled in implementation of #WCM concept and #LeanTools and principles: #5W, #5W1H, #5S, #7wastes, #PDCA methodology, #3Mmethodology (MURI, MURA, MUDA), #4M, #standardizedWork (which #MTM provide as key element in terms of work place integration / organization and time management). Skilled in #visualManagement (SOP, GAV, OPL, POKA YOKE).
Constantly seeking "incremental" improvement in matter of increasing the efficiency, productivity, value added activities and effectiveness.

During around 2 years in #YazakiCorporation (Yazaki Serbia) he was for 3 months collecting knowledge, sharing and teaching colleagues about principles in fields od Lean and Industrial engineering in other Yazaki Plants in #Morocco, #Tunisia, #Czech Republic.


This is a Mark Twain's statement, but Milos is certanly somebody whose moto is: "Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection"!