Coopertion Established Between „QasConcept“ Conference And „qLife“ Magazine

The first Conference Quality as Concept took place on October 5, 2018, and among its many partners there was a prestigious business magazine from Croatia qLife, which is the publication of internet portal on the arts and knowledge of management leadership, Quantum21.


The winter edition of „qLife“ was published this January and in it, the Magazine has informed its readers with the contents and the participants of our October 5, 2018 Conference. Quantum21 is the Internet Portal that covers stories from the region and other parts of the world that have been building its business future in an authentic manner, that are raising standards and which serve as policy orientation for the others in that area. For this, it is our great pleasure that they recognized our Conference as the event which is giving a new quality in the business world, and which is presenting people who take their job as supreme challenge and for whom nothing is impossible.

Sample copy of magazine „qLife“, „Classics VI“, winter 2019
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