Fresh new YouTube channel

In anticipation of „Quality as Concept 2019“ we have launched YouTube channel, where we will remind you who were last year's speakers and announce this year's happening.

Through videos we will publish on the channel, you will feel a bit of the atmosphere that was at the first QasConcept conference. Eight speakers from different branches of industry, showed examples from their own practice, and pointed to the positive effect of applying various tools & management models to the overall development of the organization.

Preparations for "QasConcept2019" are in progress, and through short video messages you will have the opportunity to find out what we prepared for this year, and which topics / examples from practice will be able to hear from our interesting guests if you join us on October 4, 2019.


Also, on the conference website you can find new columns such as Gallery and Presentations from the previous conference, and Actuel Information, where we will post all the interesting info related to the upcoming events.

Stay tuned & subscribe to our YouTube channel!