Rolf Ofen

rolf ofen

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Correct assessment of measurement and testing processes with MSA (Measurement system analysis) and / or VDA 5 – 2011

Kratak opis teme:

-Which MSA procedure are there?
-What are their performance and what are the restrictions? Requirements of the new Standards (ISO 9001, IATF 16949)
-What are the differences to VDA 5 Capability of Measurement Processes?
-Outlook, Internationalization of the VDA 5



-Apprenticeship as: skilled worker (precision mechanic)
-Studies: precision engineering, University of applied science, Nürnberg
-Start at Robert Bosch GmbH, Plant Bamberg
-Building up a department for measurement engineering, standardization
-Implementation of SPC, development SPC software
-Project manager, Group leader (Measurement & Assembly technology)
-Expert/Senior for production measurement technology
Leader: center of competence (COC), measurement core technology
-Start Engineering Office MQS: Measurement, Quality, Seminars

-Co-creator Bosch Vol.10: „Capability of Measurement & Test Processes”
-Co-creator and initiator of the Automotive Working Group for the Reference Manual: „Measurement System Capability" and „VDA 5 – 2010 Capability of Measurement Processes“
-„Special cases for the evaluation of measurement processes"